Sunday, June 7, 2009


When you think of April, what comes to mind? Spring? Renewal? Trees starting to get their leaves? Rain? The passing of winter?

When I think of April, I think of a wonderful young woman who has every reason to be angry or depressed, yet isn't. She's bright and optimistic. As my friend Carolyn described her, resilient.

I only met April recently, but she's already burrowed her way into my heart. I consider her my adopted daughter--not legally, but in the way that matters most. In the heart.

God does indeed work in mysterious ways. April became a part of my life as a result of an unexpected and uncharacteristic action of my son, Collin. She became a part of our family only six days ago. She needed a place to stay while she was in town apartment hunting. Now, it seems, she'll be making her home with us. It's been an adjustment, having a new person in the house--it always is, I think--but we love her.

April has had health issues all her life. At the moment, she is battling cancer. She faces it with a spirit that's truly impressive. After a life marked by abuses and illness, the fact that she can smile and press on makes me wonder how any of us can whine about minor difficulties in our lives. Most of us have it so much better than she ever has.

Yesterday, she left for Texas. She was going to stay with friends there and, I hoped, find the treatment that would save her life. The night before, as I was drifting off to sleep, I was overwhelmed by the need to pray for her. As I continually prayed, "Please don't let her die," I found myself in tears. As I watched her cab drive away yesterday, taking her to the airport, I once again began to cry.

What if we never see her again? I wondered.

I just got an e-mail from her. She's hoping to come back in a few days. If she does, we will welcome her with open arms and do what we can to keep her safe and happy.

Please keep her in your prayers....